C.D.A. | Child Development Associate Prep Course | 120 Hours

This course meets the CDA Council requirements for 120 hours of training in early childhood education.


Child Care Basics | 30 Hours

This is the 30-Hour Child Care Basics course required by the WA State Department of Children, Youth, and Families.


All About Infants!| 10 Hours

Especially useful for teachers of infants!


Your Playground is a Classroom Too! | 2 Hours

So much learning takes place outdoors, and the playground is an ideal place for teachers to build fun ad developmentally-appropriate play and learning experiences. In this course, we'll look at extending the learning to the playground!


Direct Positive Discipline Strategies for Challenging Behaviors | 3 Hours

Handling young children's challenging behaviors in the early childhood classroom can be challenging. This course looks at specific techniques and strategies to prepare you to calmly and successfully deal with difficult behaviors.


The Importance of Play | 2 Hours

This course examines the role of play in a young child's life. We'll look at the benefits of playing, and types of play that children engage in, and how you can support it in your classroom